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We, at Toonarific Cartoons, have created an online encyclopedia that brings you every animated cartoon that we come across, including animated full length features, live-action kid’s shows, educational shows and more. Our main intention is to preserve all animation, whether a current hit, or a long-forgotten flop. As with most media, cartoons and animation are being threatened with an almost certain death. Maybe not the shows being produced currently, but definitely the productions from the dawn of animation. Some companies don’t even own master prints to properties they own, making some toons almost impossible to ever recover again. Up until a few decades ago, the idea of preserving these titles was of no real importance. Since reels of film just get old, brittle and crumble, there are many titles that are already gone.

Productions from companies such as Warner Bros. and Universal are kept in environment controlled vaults, but what of the classics (or not-so-classics) produced by smaller companies? Because of this, we are doing whatever it takes to restore the good and the bad, and to make sure that, as long as we can help it, nothing else will disappear and die a lonely death.

We are a non-profit archive and library to animation, referencing thousands of titles. The site is used around the world, by students, professors, teachers, and many other individuals who use the information and service we provide as a tool for furthering their knowledge of animated cartoons, as well as a historical reference or timeline. We are always looking for more titles, and more information to our existing titles. All images used in the creation of this site are primarily for educational purposes, giving a visual representation of the production being researched. All of these materials are used under the accordance with the Fair Use Provisions and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. For more information regarding copyrights either on or off the World Wide Web, please read either of the aforementioned documents.

Along with those who use our service as an educational tool are those who are just animation enthusiasts, like myself. People who simply love cartoons, and keeping up with the latest news and their childhood favorites. We hear from people all over the world about our service; thanking us for listing a title they couldn’t find anywhere else, or for having an image to a title that, up until now, seemed lost in the great archive of cartoons passed.

No matter what purpose this site holds for you, whether for educational research or simply for pleasure, we hope that you enjoy your stay and let us know if there is something in particular that you are looking for.