Toonarific Interview – Michael Moore

Originally posted: 4-18-2006

The creator of Danger Ranger’s and man behind the company Educational Adventures!

A few weeks after the last interview we did with Tajja Isen, her promoter emailed me again with another great opportunity. This time we were able to interview the man behind the popular educational property titled Danger Rangers. Some regions of the country have already started seeing this series on PBS and similar channels. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but the series shows real promise and will be something that definitely will appeal to preschoolers. He is also a successful businessman with years of experience. It was quite a treat being able to find about more about Moore.

As a child, what were your favorite programs on television? What were your interests? What did you want to be when you grew up?
I loved to watch Bugs Bunny because the humor was very sophisticated. I wanted to the President of the United States when I grew up.
Did you have an interest in children’s programming in college, or was it something that developed years later?
My interest in children’s programming developed as a result of my commitment toward the well-being of children, which occurred around age 30.
So how did Educational Adventures, LLC. come to fruition? Was it always the intent of the company to create programming for children, like the Danger Rangers series?
The company evolved from my past experiences with law enforcement training and women’s rape crisis programs. After being asked by several women how to protect their children, we began to extensively research the area of children’s safety. The results were quite shocking and we found there was a void in the market for complete and accurate content in a format embraced by children; hence, the Danger Rangers were born.
When was the concept of Danger Rangers first thought up? What sparked the idea for the series?
The Danger Ranger series was first developed in the 1990s, but not released on a mass scale until recently due to our desire to deliver premium entertainment production values along with our high-end content.
When you first created the series, did you foresee it winning awards as it has, and becoming such a popular series of books and dvds with children? What were your initial hopes for the series?
Our standards have always been high and though we have many awards for the program, the biggest satisfaction will come from the first documented life saved!
Do you have any plans for other series/ properties that you want to produce under your Educational Adventures banner?
The company is already in production and development on other programs addressing health and nutrition, social skills, math and science, and literacy.
What are your views about the current state of children’s programming?
The current state of children’s programming is being driven by economic priorities over pro-social needs. That is an opportunity for us because we are cause driven first, and still for-profit. We see no conflict in the two because we use forethought in the creation of our brands and build our business model around their pro-social strengths. This way everyone wins, especially the children.
Not only are you a successful businessman, but you’ve also created a successful children’s property? Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs who wish to follow in similar footsteps?
Being successful is very different for each person; however, passion and persistence are two common ingredients in every success story I know.
If you havent had a chance to see the series yet, be sure to keep an eye on your local tv schedules, as well as for the dvds and books associated with the series at your local media retailers. And be sure to watch for the new properties that will come from Educational Adventures. If they are anything like Danger Rangers, they will surely be a hit!