Toonarific Interview – Jerry Burke

Originally posted: 4-17-2000

The powerful voice behind Tobor the 8th Man.

Originally, Jerry came to us with some info on Tobor the 8th Man, which he just so happened to have done the leading voice for, Tobor. It was a real honor being able to talk with someone who had helped create such a classic show. Here is what he had to say in our little interview.

What got you started in cartoons and childrens programming?
I was minding my own business, doing a radio show, when somebody asked me to read for the part of a robot. I had no idea what it was for, and certainly didn’t expect it to become almost a year’s work. It was my first venture into the world of cartoons.
What was you favorite cartoon growing up?
My favorite cartoons were anything done by Walter Lantz.
What projects have you worked on during your entertainment career? Which was your best experience and why?
Projects I’ve worked on include doing recreations of mistakes by announcers, actors and others on the record album, “Pardon My Blooper,” the voice of a Coast Guard Officer on the TV show, “Flipper,” voice parts in the cartoon, “Prince Planet,” and a whole lot of celebrity interviews on a daily TV show that I co-hosted. Probably the best experiences were spending time with people like Mohammed Ali, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, etc.
Are there any new ideas that you are working on for future production or just for fun?
Working on notes for a possible book on the life and times of Tobor. Anybody out there care?
What kinds of projects would you like to work on in the future? With anyone in particular?
Being a musician, would love to write some great tunes that sell a million copies overnight.
What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, when I’m not responding to 8th Man fans I play my trumpet and dream about hitting a clean F above high C.
How many degrees of separation are there between you and Kevin Bacon? Please outline 🙂
There’s maybe not as many degrees of separation as you might have thought when you asked the question. Kevin did the film, “JFK.” As a reporter, I was with the real JFK at a meeting of the InterAmerican Press Association four days before he was killed. How many degrees is that? Well, that’s it. I hope I passed.