Toonarific Interview – David Sobolov

Originally posted: 6-3-2000

Voice of Lord Tyger on “Spiderman Unlimited” and the Spookie Jar on “Sabrina: TAS”.

We were very surprised when we got an email from David. I mean, such an awesome cartoon like Spiderman Unlimited came out for 3 episodes, and then disappeared. Not letting anyone know what happened after that episode. Plus, David is the voice of the Spookie Jar on Sabrina: TAS, which is just plain nifty. He’s even been on X-Files!

What got you started in cartoons and childrens programming?
All the while I was playing my french horn, singing in an a cappella group, performing roles on stage, and running around being a movie extra (check out some season two and three episodes of X-Files and Sliders and you’ll probably see me from time to time) people were telling me I should be doing villains and heros in cartoons. I finally listened to them, got an agent who was connected to that world (it’s not an easy one to break in to) and the rest you can read about on my web site –
What was you favorite cartoon growing up?
Had to be that Warner Brothers singing frog out of the time capsule thing. Even as a kid I loved the nostalgic 30’s – 50’s Warner Brothers stuff. Nowadays… DUCKMAN!
What projects have you worked on during your entertainment career? Which was your best experience and why?
I think I gave a different answer in another interview, but tonight I have to say that anything I’ve done for DIC made me happy cuz they treated me real nice. That would make my role as Spookie Jar in Sabrina The Animated Series my fav along with Robocop, of course (for MGM). Who wouldn’t have had big fun being the lead in such a well written show for 40 episodes… and in our version of Robo there were tons of bad puns… we like that.
Are there any new ideas that you are working on for future production or just for fun?
Hmm… Yeah, it’s about time I developed a cartoon with someone. I’ve got a few things in the works, but nothing “declassified” enough to talk about yet.
What kinds of projects would you like to work on in the future? With anyone in particular?
Aside from doing more cartoons for the rest of my life, I’d like to do something for a game show. Maybe a sidekick deal like that guy in “Win Ben Stein’s Money” on camera, or maybe as the announcer. I’d also enjoy being the announcer on a talk show (if I get to do some comedy bits like most of ’em do now). Being one of the guys who does the movie trailers would be a happy thing too. Someday I’d like to act in a sitcom on camera. I’m in L.A. now so anything is possible, I suppose!
What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?
I collect old advertising schtuff from the 20’s – 60’s. I like looking around for things that make me laugh to throw around the apartment. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym lately… and I’ve just now learned how to play chess (not as boring as you’d think).
How many degrees of separation are there between you and Kevin Bacon? Please outline 🙂
I have a Bacon number of 2.
I appeared in Unforgettable (1996) with Linda Fiorentino (don’t bother renting it just to see me – I only had one line!)

Linda Fiorentino was in Queens Logic (1991) with Kevin Bacon.
This was a really great opportunity, being that I love the Spiderman Unlimited series and Sabrina: TAS. We wish David all the luck in the world in his voice acting career.