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Captain Flamingo

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Total Episodes : 23 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 23

Season 1
A Fish Called Milo / High and Flighty
Alien Avalanche / Thor All Over
Beyond the Thundermonkey Dome / Gum Control
Bunny Run / Tape That!
Burr in the Hand / Knot in My Backyard
Cheese the Day / Beach Blanket Flamingo
Give My Backpack Back / Attack of the Girl Next Door
I Scream, You Scram! / Ball of Confusion
Infield Error / Art Condition
Just Looking / Outrageous Fortune Cookie
Milo and the Gang Face More Problems / The Even Greater Escape
Missed Manners / Domo Ari Otto, Mr. Robotto
Play On Words / Present Tense
Run Milo Run / Blizzard of Ooze
Sink or Swim / Basement of Yuck
Snot Funny / Flowers and Candy
Ten Pin Peril / Whack-a-Max
The Best Episode Ever / Charge It!
The Flamingo Has Landed / Pancake Panic
The Last Stand / Fifty Ways to Leave Your Liver
Water You Worried / Portrait of a Superhero


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