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Total Episodes : 36 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 36

Season 1
A Pound of Evil Magic
A Thousand and One Tricks
Baharuum, the Befuddled
City of Brass
City of the Tombs
Demon in the Bottle
Demon in the Bottle Returns
Keys of the Zodiac
Khan of the North Wind
Lord of the Shadows
Mysterio, the Mini-Magi
Nastrina of the Flames
Quest for the Magic Lamp
Raschild, the Apprentice Sorcerer
Ring of Samarra
Sorceress of the Mist
The Black Sultan
The Circus of Zahran
The Diamond of El Raphir
The Evil Jester of Masira
The Flaming Ruby
The Forest of Fear
The Idol of Turaba
The Impossible Quest of Nazir
The Land of Neverwas
The Living Island
The Magical Kingdom of Centuria
The Master of the Thieves
The Master Wizard of Mizwa
The Maze Of Mercuraad
The Mirage Maker
The Sky Pirates of Basheena
The Three Horsemen of Mandragora
The Underground World
The Young Rajah of Kamura
Valley of the Giants


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