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Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, The

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Total Episodes : 26 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 26

Season 1
Pippi and the Carpenter
Pippi Doesn't Go to School...Or Does She?
Pippi Doesn't Sell Her House
Pippi Doesn't Want to Go to School
Pippi Doesn't Want to Grow Up
Pippi Enters a Flower Show
Pippi Enters a Horserace
Pippi Enters the Big Race
Pippi Entertains Two Burglars
Pippi Finds a Mysterious Footprint
Pippi Goes Home
Pippi Goes to the Fair
Pippi Goes to the South Seas
Pippi Goes Up in a Balloon
Pippi Goes Up North
Pippi Is Shipwrecked
Pippi Meets a Master Criminal
Pippi Meets Some Pearl Poachers
Pippi Meets the White Lady
Pippi Returns to Villa Villekula
Pippi Saves the Old Folks
Pippi Saves the Whales
Pippi Takes a Train Ride
Pippi Trains Some Animals...And Their Owner
Pippi Visits Aunt Matilda
Pippi's Christmas


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