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Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Carl Squared Productions Inc.

Characters & Voices
Carl Crashman - Stuart Stone
C2 - Stuart Stone
Lorna Lookman - Samantha Espie
Jamie James - Jordan
Chloe Crashman - Emily Hampshire
Barney Crashman - John Hemphill
Dr. Janet Crashman - Kathy Laskey
Skye Blue - Bryn McAuley
Being a teenager is tough...try being two!.That's the dilemma facing CARL CRASHMAN, a slacker teen who accidentally generates his own clone after ranting about his life in his BLOG. Carl soon discovers that the miracle of on-line cloning is only skin deep, when his typical existence becomes one of a kind (well, two of a kind, actually) as he scrambles to cover up the trail of chaos that his eccentric, exuberant, 'friend-of-the-friendless' clone leaves in his wake. It's an awe-inspiring responsibility for someone who's been trying to avoid responsibility his whole life. Comin' to grips with teen relationships, new 'tudes', fresh perspectives, total havoc and a top secret clone are all part of the daily routine when you're Carl...Squared!
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