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Happy Cricket, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Walbercy Ribas

Characters & Voices
Christopher - Sam Riegel
Buffuno - Dave Mallow
Honeydew - Cindy Robinson
Spidora - Cindy Robinson
Leonardo - Steve Staley
Isabella - Philece Sampler
Cartibella - Mona Marshall
Snealy - Stephanie Shee
Little Christopher - Stephanie Shee
Barnaby - Robert Buchholz
Sargent - Robert Buchholz
Wartlord - Bob Papenbrook
Magic Toucan - Peter Doyle
Soldier 1 - Peter Doyle
Old Snail - Steve Kramer
General - Steve Kramer
Toad 1 - Neil Kaplan
Toad 2 - Dan Woren
Father - Grant George
Toad 3 - Grant George
Linda -
Entitled "O Grilo Feliz"


Christopher, a carefree cricket bubbling over with song, dance and good humor, lives a simple, happy existence bringing joy and music to all his friends in the forest. He draws musical inspiration from Linda, the Night Star, who shines like a diamond in the night sky. But the arrival of Wartlord the lizard - accompanied by his bumbling sidekick Buffuno the grasshopper and his personal guards, the Toads - threatens the merriment of the forest - indeed the very forest itself - when he begins ordering the destruction of trees to make way for a monstrous monument devoted to his relentless craving for power and dictatorship. He even declares that all music be prohibited!

Things go from bad to worse when Linda, in an attempt to reach Christopher, falls too near Wartlord’s castle and needs rescuing. Christopher knows the Magic Toucan can help and sets out to find him with the help of his friends: Honeydew, a kind and ecologically minded butterfly; Leonardo, a clever beetle; Isabelle, a keen ladybug who is a natural leader; Cartibella, a sweet and nurturing centipede; her adopted snail Snealy, cute and clever; and Barnaby, an easy-going and athletic grasshopper. Together, they vow to thwart Wartlord’s menacing plans, save Linda and the forest, and restore happiness and music to their home.
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