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Baskervilles, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Cinar Productions

Characters & Voices
Brian Baskerville -
Janet Baskerville -
Darren Baskerville -
April Baskerville -
Spot -
Colin -
Nicolas Lucifer III (Boss) -
Nicolas Lucifer II -
Nicole Lucifer -
Vlad Dracula -
Vera Dracula -
Fangora Dracula -
Vlad Dracula Jr. -
Frank Frankenstein -
Fran Frankenstein -
Young Frank Frankenstein -
Little Monster Annie -
It centers on the Baskerville family and their lives in Underworld the Theme Park, owned by The Boss. Underworld the Theme park is essentially Hell pushed as a theme park, and The Boss is constantly trying to find ways to make Underworld the Theme Park more horrible and scarey. The Baskervilles went to Underworld the Theme Park after seeing a commercial for it but ended up stuck there and now continue their lives blissfully ingnorant of the evil surrounding them. All except for the youngest member of the family, 10 year old April, who knows what The Boss is up to and his plans for the Baskerville's role in it.
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