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Waterville Gang, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Glen Warren Productions
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Ace Seagull - Len Carlson
Billy Van -
Julie Amato -
Joey Battista -
Donna Miller -
Sid Brown -
Lisa Davidson -
Franz Russell -
Puppets were filmed on blue screen and superimposed over various seascape backdrops to make it appear as though they were swimming.

Main Characters:
Dodger Dolphin - leader of the gang, always well intentioned
Sharky Shark - tough and often selfish character, who nevertheless comes through in the end
Angel Fish - Silly and easily confused (or at least pretends to be), she's well loved anyway
Eloise Seahorse - hard working seahorse who migrated from France, she and Angel are best friends after some initial differences
Tucker Turtle - elderly turtle who offers advice and guidance to the gang
Pearl Van Oyster - elderly oyster who likewise cousels the gang, when she's not obsessing over her pearl.
Ace Seagull - wise adult who pops in from time to time and offers insight from the world above the waves

Other known characters:
Sgt. Perch and the Perch Patrol (Piffle, Peevels, Peter and Pinkerton, IIRC) are the police force of Waterville. The Sgt struggles to keep the patrol in a tight formation, let alone anything further.
Schizo Crab - a crab with a serious split personality - his right claw is friendly and personable, his left claw is grumpy and rude. Appears in only a few episodes as a friend before being driven off and never seen again.
Annie Urchin and her mother make only a single appearance as Angel's friend.
Nebbish the sea worm makes a couple of early appearances as a friend and is not seen again. He doesn't speak.
Juiius aka "Tuff" Shark is Sharky's cousin, who shows up to cause trouble once, but is otherwise rarely seen.
Randall Harrison Penguin III arrives late on the scene. Although stuffy and stuck up, he does eventually make friends which most of the gang, except Sharky who continues to taunt him. As a bird, he's friends with Ace Seagull and lives on the ice floe above Waterville.
Preshus Seal arrives from Waterville as a well travelled lady from the circus. Despite initial friction she moves in with Randall on the ice floe.
Mayor Moore is an elderly fish who is the Mayor of Waterville. Although a late addition to the cast, there is evidence of past friction between himself and Tucker Turtle, as well as possible past romantic interest between himself and Pearl Van Oyster.
Robyn and Wylie are human children in scuba gear who arrive right at the end of the series (AFAIK), and are seen in only two episodes.

Dodger Dolphin went through two completely different puppet designs - the transition was explained in the episode 'Cave In'.

There were two intros for the show. Although the graphics and the voice doing the voice over changed, the text was exactly the same:

"The Waterville Gang! Starring, Dodger Dolphin! Angel Fish! Sharky Shark! And their friends and neighbors: Tucker Turtle! Pearl Van Oyster! And Ace Seagull!"
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