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Twas' the Night Before Christmas


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Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Mayor - John McGiver
Father Mouse - George Gobel
Joshua - Joel Grey
Albert - Tammy Grimes
In this special, it is the night before Christmas and Santa is not coming. Then the story begins, which is told by a little mouse. The mouse and his family live in the home of a clocksmith, who made a huge musical clock in the town hall tower so Santa would come. The nosy little son of the mouse wanted to see how it worked, but in doing so broke the clock. The whole town went crazy not knowing what to do now that it didn't work. All the children cried, and all the parents couldn't do anything. The young mouse was found out by his father and he swore he would fix it. He went to the clock and did everything he could to fix it. When midnight came around, the clock began to chime. The song played and Santa came to the little town. The mouse had fixed the clock. The clocksmith was once again looked up to by the town and all was well.
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