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Bad Dog


Original Air Date:
FOX Family
Prod. Co.:
Saban Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Vick Potanski -
Penelope Potanski -
Trevor Potanski -
Dad -
Mom -
Grandpa -
Berkeley the dog -
Berkeley doesnít mean any harm, but he just canít help himself! Berkeley (also known as "Bad Dog") is a lovable pup who wants to make everyone happy. The problem is, he doesnít always understand what his owners are saying. If he hears one of them shout, "Get the phone!" heíll happily retrieve the telephone, along with the cord, the jack, and a piece of the wall. With his tail wagging, heíll wait to find, yet another way he can be "helpful." Bad Dog is anything, but bad. Just watch what you say around him, because you will get EXACTLY what you asked for!
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