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Babaloos, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Cinar Productions

Characters & Voices
Baby Towel -
Slipper Sisters -
Teaspoon -
Miss Toothbrush -
When everybody in the house is fast asleep, the Babaloos spring to life! This colorful 65 five-minute episode series, co-produced by CINAR and France Animation, follows the adventures of Baby Towel, the gossiping Slipper Sisters, boisterous Teaspoon, pretty Miss Toothbrush and the rest of the loveable crew of household objects that explore every corner of the house they live in.
Thereís fun and adventure for eveyone: Itís an emergency situation when Baby Towel gets lost from Mommy towel when the laundryís being done; Itís a race against time when Baby Towel and Teaspoon knock a bottle of ink onto the carpet and have to clean it up before morning; And itís a narrow escape for the Slipper Sisters when they hijack a pair of runaway roller skates. Every night, the Babaloos open up the universe of the imagination.
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