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Richie Rich (90's)


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“Richie Rich has got the Midas touch,
And a heart of solid gold…”

Harvey Comics’ “Richest Kid in the World” returned for another cartoon run in 1996. The new syndicated series came in the wake of the successful 1994 live-action feature Richie Rich, which starred Macaulay Culkin in the title role.

The new Richie Rich stayed true to the character’s comic book roots, while updating the setting to a 90’s sensibility. Richie was the heir to the vast fortunes of parents Richard Rich Sr. and Regina Rich, but he didn’t let it go to his head. The tycoon-in-the-making spent most of his time with pals Freckles and Tiny, girlfriend Gloria Glad, dog Dollar, and butler Cadbury. The rest of the cast included spoiled Reggie Van Dough, chauffeur Bascomb, Chef Pierre, and robotic maid Irona.

Departing from earlier Richie Rich cartoons, this series played up the comedy and mystery, as Richie and pals used the boy’s wealth to make the world a safer place. Professor Keenbean, another Rich employee, concocted various gizmos and gadgets to help the young crimestoppers.

In addition to the 13 new Richie Rich adventures, the show dusted off classic cartoon shorts from the Harvey files. The updated Richie never matched the success of his earlier incarnations, and the series left syndication after a single season.
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