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Animal Crackers


Original Air Date:
FOX Family
Prod. Co.:
Cinar Productions

Characters & Voices
Lyle - Mark Camacho
Dodo - Teddy Lee Dillon
Eugene - Terrence Scammell
Gnu - Mark Montgomery
Lana - Kate Hutchison
Take a gang of wacky, wild animals, toss in a crazy assortment of supporting characters and you get Animal Crackers ó where the wild kingdom just got a little wilder and a lot more neurotic.

Deep in the heart of Africa lies Freeborn Wildlife Preserve ó home to Lyle Lion who prefers ordering pizza to hunting gazelle, Dodo who refuses to accept his fightless fate, Lana the Lioness, Eugene the elephant and their quirky neighbours.

Based on the hit comic strip created by Roger Bollen, Animal Crackers follows the zany adventures of these animals as they go about their unconventional lives on the African savannah: Itís Seinfeld meets the Wild Kingdom!
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