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A Charlie Brown Christmas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Christmas special


Characters & Voices
Charlie - Peter Robbins
Lucy - Tracy Stratford
Linus - Christopher Shea
Schroeder - Chris Doran
Sally - Cathy Steinberg
Frieda - Ann Altieri
Pigpen - Chris Doran
Shermy - Chris Doran
Violet - Sally Dryer
Charlie Brown wants to find the true meaning of Christmas. Linus accompanies him to the Christmas tree lot, where they buy the flimsiest, saddest looking tree. Charlie thinks that he can decorate it and make it look just as pretty as a nice aluminum tree. He takes it back and everybody laughs at him and the tree. Linus tells what the true meaning of Christmas is and the story of the baby Jesus. Charlie brings the tree home, and the rest of the gang follows. While Charlie is inside his house, his friends fix up the tree and make it look wonderful. Charlie comes out, astonished by the tree and the crowd. They all say their peace and sing a carol together.
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