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Life with Louie


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hyperion Productions


Characters & Voices
Louie - Louie Anderson
Ora - Edie McClurg
Andy - Louie Anderson
Tommy - Miko Hughes
Mike - Justin Shenkarow
Glen - Justin Shenkarow
Jeannie - Debi Derryberry
Life With Louie was a semi-autobiographical half-hour animated series based on the occasionally bittersweet childhood of comedian Louie Anderson. In the show, 8-year-old Louie lived at home with his mother, his father, and his little brother Tommy. Each episode began in live-action, with the real Louie Anderson introducing the show and setting up the episode's plot.

Life With Louie viewed the ordinary through the eyes of its title character, a slightly tubby kid with a deep voice (provided by Anderson himself). Louie was always trying to cheer up his father, a grumpy war veteran, while simultaneously taking care of himself and Tommy.

Although the series had its tender-hearted moments, the emphasis was definitely on the more comedic aspects of growing up, like playing practical jokes on little Tommy and pursuing neighborhood cutie Jeannie Harper.

A major hit on Fox's Saturday morning lineup, Life With Louie showed us what a little laughter could do change a difficult situation.
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