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Liberty's Kids


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
DIC Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Sarah Phillips - Reo Jones
James Hiller - Christine Lundquist
Henri - Kathleen Barr
Moses - D. Kevin Williams
Abigail Adams - Annette Bening
James Madison - Warren Buffet
Joseph Plumb Martin - Aaron Carter
Benjamin Franklin - Walter Cronkite
John Adams - Billy Crystal
Patrick Henry - Michael Douglas
Gov. Galvez - Don Francisco
Deboroah Sampson - W. Goldberg
Benedict Arnold - Dustin Hoffman
Elizabeth Freeman - Yolanda King
John Paul Jones - Liam Neeson
Baron Von Steuben - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Col. Rogers Clark - General Norman Schwarzkopf
Paul Revere - Sylvester Stallone
Thomas Jefferson - Ben Stiller
Adm. Lord Howe - Michael York
Peggy Shippen - Maria Shriver
Truly a "revolutionary" children's animated series that entertains students 7 to 12 years old while introducing them to the stories and people behind the birth of our nation. As late 18th-century history unfolds before their eyes, kids discover the founding principles of democracy-including freedom of the press and equal protection of the law. The series also helps students to develop listening, reading, writing, and cognitive skills.
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