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Altair in Starland


Original Air Date:
Disney Channel
Prod. Co.:
Berliner Film Companie

Characters & Voices
Growing up in the bizarre world of Starfish people, Altair has a blast. He rides on roller coasters that design themselves, he has a star-herding green dog, and he can fly. What more can a boy want? Well, usually somewhere between what Altair "wants" and what he usually "gets" is where his zaniest adventures take place.

Blip, a star (literally) in her own right, is Altair's best friend and constant companion during his wacky journey to understand the world around him. The little star voices and acerbic, wisecracking commentary throughout each episode and lends support and a shoulder to lean on... even though stars don't have shoulders.

Composer :

Titlesong: Gerd Kaeding

Score: Gerd Kaeding , Arnel Cosca, Karsten Sahling
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