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Chuck E Cheese in the Galaxy 5000


Original Air Date:
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Characters & Voices
Pasqually - Steven Lange
Chuck E. Cheese - Duncan Brannan
Helen Henny - Georgia Denney
Munch - Chris Sabat
Jasper T. Jowls - Jeremy Blaido
Charlie Rockit - Galen Beyea
Peter - Kenyon Holmes
Ivan - Rob Flanagan
Piano Guy - Chris Sabat
Reporters - Jon Rice, Gary Frank, Chris Cason, Mike Hawes
Dr. Zoom - Jackson Kane
Flapjack - Don Shook
Astrid - Lydia Mackay
Harry The Hermit - Steven Lange
Pizza Dude - Johnathon Vought
Police - Chris Nash, Jerry Patin, Josh Cosimo, Gen Fukunaga
Chuck E. Cheese's friend Charlie Rockitt has a little problem. His Aunt and Uncle may need to say goodbye to their farm...their tractor's engine blew up, and to replace it, they'll need 50,000 dollars! (Quite a 'nest egg', as Helen aptly puts it.) Unfortunatley, they are financially challenged, and the only way to get the dough that fast is to win it in the Galaxy 5000! The Galaxy 5000 is an intergalactic race through canyons and forests on the planet Orion. It's a dangerous trek, warns Pasqually, who has completed this race 5 times back in the 'good ole days'.

But Chuck E, Jasper, Helen, and Munch offer to make the journey. With help from Pasqually's Awesome Adventure Machine, the gang find themselves on Orion...along with the X Pilots, two larger-than-life, small-bladdered, german Galaxy 5000 veterans who have cheated their way through the last several races. The X-pilots aren't about to get beaten by some mouse, a dog, a purple monster, a pre-adolescent and a chicken, and make this quite known as Chuck E. stands up to them after they threaten to hurt Jasper and Helen. But Chuck, Helen, Jasper, Munch and Charlie aren't about to let these two dampen their spirits. They meet up with Pasqually's friend, Flapjack, who has their old Jet-Racer, the "Songbird", ready for Chuck and company to use. Too bad the "Songbird" is a total lemon! As the gang ponders what to do with the big green piece of junk, Astrid, a woman who seems to have walked straight out of a Vanna White look-alike contest, decides to check out the guys who are entering in this years race. She finds Chuck E. and instantly falls for him, much to the dismay of Helen, who does NOT like competition! She storms off in a fury as Chuck E. and Astrid chat it up and agree to meet tomorrow at the Soda Shop. The next day, it's time for the qualifying race and Helen is nowhere to be found. Although the gang is worried, they continue on with the race, but to no avail. The X-Pilots win once again, using a special gas...ZOOM GAS that is, which can help them see better at Vega 2 speeds(which are incredibly high, I might add). When Chuck E. gets together with Astrid at the Soda Shop, she doesn't seem to give the mouse much thought, as he is feeling pretty bad about himself after doing poorly in the qualifier. Jasper, Munch, and Charlie look on sadly...if only Helen were here, she'd cheer Chuck up! At that moment, the chicken herself appears with...the X-Pilots? They all seem to be acting very friendly with each other as they begin to torment Chuck E, who begins to feel worse and worse, not to mention quite backstabbed by Helen. But Helen has a secret. She's only hanging out with the X-Pilots to find out if they're cheating or not. And what she finds out is more than she bargained for! They are indeed cheating, and Dr. Zoom, the guy behind all of the madness, is using CHICKENS to make the Zoom Gas! After being humiliated at the Soda Shop, Chuck E. decides there's only one thing to do. Go through Dead Man's Canyon, (The same canyon that slowed him down during the qualifying race) at Vega 2 speeds. But since Chuck isn't very experienced, he crashes against the side of the canyon, and is knocked unconscious. He awakes to find himself in a cave with Harry the 'neighborhood hermit', who gives Chuck E. Cheese an important lesson in realizing his true potential... The next morning, at the Soda Shop, Astrid seems strangely worried as Jasper explains the bad news: Chuck E. is missing. But much to his surprise (And everyone else's) Astrid is only in it for the prize money! And with Chuck E. missing, Astrid decides to go off with none other than the X-Pilots! This surprises and perplexes Munch, Jasper, and most of all, Charlie ('This must be one of those GIRL things again, huh Jasper?'). Back in Dr. Zoom's warehouse, Helen is working on her plan of escape. Using one of her feathers, she lets all the chickens out, and knocks Dr. Zoom upside the head with a frying pan...no one messes with Helen Henny! As for Chuck, he's been training and working out with Harry in his cave, but soon it's time for the race. So he heads off in his repaired jet-racer (thanks, Harry) and meets up with Jasper, Munch, Charlie, and Flapjack down by the race grounds. The gang is thrilled to see their friend, and even Helen shows up, and confesses to Chuck E. that she didnt really like the X-Pilots...she just wanted to see if they were cheating. She and Chuck share a quick hug before he and the guys get ready for the race. Helen warns them about the X-Pilots and their Zoom Gas (which will come in handy). So the race begins! And sure enough, the X-Pilots are cheating once again...and trying to bump Chuck and his friends out of the race. But Chuck won't give up that easily. He shifts into Vega 2, and accidently gets stuck in the middle of the black forest, a dark, menacing, area full of tall black trees. Everyone panics, but soon the gang is out in the open again, safe and sound. But it's too late...they're too far behind! (There goes the farm...) But Chuck E. suddenly receives a telepathic message from Harry! Well ok, it's not a telepathic message, it's just the CB Radio... but still, Harry has some important directions on how to win the race! Just as he begins explaining, the radio fizzles out into a static mess...there's no hope of winning the race now...right? Wrong! There's one solution...Chuck E will have to use Vega 3 speeds! But can he do it? Of course! Chuck is finally realizing his true potential! And with that, he and the gang are soaring through the sky at Vega 3 speeds! And within a few moments, Chuck E. and friends are trailing right behind the X-Pilots, who are shocked to see the "Songbird" catching up with them! With a little determination, and some help from his friends, Chuck uses his newly discovered self-confidence to propell himself to victory! So the farm is saved, disgruntled Astrid snubs the X-Pilots, and everyone lives happily ever after.
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