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"The Journey Begins: Volume 1" and "The Journey Continues: Volume 2"

Debuting on DVD February 21, 2006

BURBANK, CA (October 7, 2005) - In celebration of Teddy Ruxpin's 20th Anniversary, First National Pictures (FNP) will release The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, the popular children's animated television program, in a series of DVDs beginning with The Journey Begins: Volume 1 and The Journey Continues: Volume 2. Both volumes will be available on February 21, 2006. An entirely new generation of children will be introduced to Teddy Ruxpin and his best friends Grubby and Newton Gimmick in the first two installments featuring the first ten episodes of the adventure series each priced to own at $14.98 SRP.

Much adored by children and families, the series follows Teddy Ruxpin, Grubby and Newton Gimmick through 65 episodes of musical adventures in which the trio seeks out the true purpose of six newly-discovered ancient crystals. Each episode is a magical story that teaches values such as determination, friendship, bravery and a positive attitude. Parents will remember the enchantment of Teddy and his friends, and children will fall in love with this adventurous group. FNP plans to release the entire series on DVD over the next several years.

"We are proud to be releasing the classic The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin on DVD," said FNP President and CEO Ryan J. Kugler. "This is the kind of positive-message product we want to be known for. Each episode focuses on purity of spirit, the value of knowledge and a love of storytelling, giving parents a great product by which to help reinforce positive messages with their children."

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin premiered on television during the fall of 1987, two years after the debut of the revolutionary doll upon which it was based. The show achieved unimaginable popularity, airing in more than 70 territories worldwide, and selling more than one million VHS tapes to consumers. An updated version of the toy with state-of-the-art MP3 technology is scheduled to hit store shelves this year from BackPack Toys.

DVD Special Features

> Four exclusive Baby Felix music videos including "Go Go Felix," "A Musical World," "Friends," and "Playground"

> Baby Felix Trailer

> Baby Felix Cartoon

The Journey Begins: Volume 1


The Treasure of Grundo

Beware of the Mudblups

Guest of the Grunges

In the Fortress of the Wizard

Escape from the Treacherous Mountain

The Journey Continues: Volume 2


Take a Good Look

Grubby’s Romance

Tweeg’s Mom

The Surf Games

The New M.A.V.O. Member


DVD - 14.98 SRP

Street Date: February 21, 2006

Languages: English, Spanish

Running time: 120 minutes each DVD

Rating: Not Rated


About First National Pictures

First National Pictures (FNP) was founded by Ryan J. Kugler, president of DVA, which acquires excess inventory and close-outs from the DVD, music and video game studios, which it then services to 350 accounts with 24,000 storefronts, making it the nation’s largest home entertainment close-out buyer. FNP was founded to release content of the highest quality, much of which was previously unavailable on DVD, for the lowest possible prices. FNP is named for the early twentieth-century movie studio responsible for such classic films as The Kid with Charlie Chaplin and Tarzan of the Apes, which, in 1927, was bought by Warner Bros. and has since become what is now known as Warner Bros.’ famous Burbank lot.

FNP’s catalog ranges from children’s DVDs featuring the award-winning Canadian children’s program Scoop and Doozie, the unique children’s story Miss Twiggley’s Tree, and two live action family stories for the holidays—The Elf Who Saved Christmas and The Elf And The Magic Key—to a vintage collection of DVDs featuring classic and hard-to-find titles from the golden age of Hollywood. FNP has also released several CD music collections including the series Holiday Classics and Relax with Nature. FNP’s lines are distributed exclusively through DVA.


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