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The History of Toonarific


Below are various logos we have used during our many design transitions. Some were main site logos, while others were only used on certain pages of the site as category labels.

1998/99 Site logos

The first Toonarific logo, derived straight from the Bestest logo.

After eventually playing with other fonts, we started using this one. We were also setting up a monthly rotation of logos, each with different images that complimented the month. This is the February logo.

This is the March logo.

This is the May logo.

This is the June logo.

This is the October logo.

This is the December logo.

Christmas Huck

Then came all the fancy animated logos that we started using around the site at the tops of menus and as placeholders.

First appearing around Oct. 2000

First appearing around Oct. 2000

Really old. This goes back to early 1999

Holiday logos:

And finally, after we started making the category pages fancier, Stacey created logos using holiday fonts for the holiday lists.