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Danny Phantom

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Title  "13" 
Orig Air Date  2004-11-05 
Synopsis  When Jazz falls for a hunky boy ghost, Johnny 13, who has the power to cast his shadow out and create bad luck for everyone who crosses him, Danny fin ... 
Title  Attack of the Killer Garage Sale 
Orig Air Date  2004-04-16 
Synopsis  When Danny sells some of his parent's ghost hunting junk to make money to buy a cool
new outfit for a party, those objects take a life of their own a ... 
Title  Bitter Reunions 
Orig Air Date  2004-05-07 
Synopsis  Danny meets his evil opposite in Vlad Plasmius - a childhood rival of his father who also got ghost powers in an accident. Unfortunately, Vlad's had t ... 
Title  Control Freaks 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Sam rebels when her overprotective parents forbid her from attending the strange Goth circus that's come to town. Little does she know that the circus ... 
Title  Fanning the Flames 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Danny and Sam find their platonic friendship turned forcibly romantic through the musical powers of Ember, a hard rocking girl ghost who feeds off the ... 
Title  Fright Night 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  In an attempt to beat Dash in a haunted house decorating contest, Danny "borrows" the enchanted sword of the Spirit of Halloween, the Fright Knight! W ... 
Title  Life Lessons 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Danny and Valerie Gray are forced to become "parents" to a sack of flour for a one-week school assignment. At the same time, Skulker, ghost hunter ext ... 
Title  Lucky In Love 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Paulina witnesses Danny's ghost transformation, he fears the exposure. Imagine his surprise when Paulina swears to keep his secret -- then become ... 
Title  Maternal Instinct 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Maddie relishes the chance to bond with emotionally distant Danny at a weekend mother/son science seminar. However, the seminar is a ruse orchestrated ... 
Title  My Brother's Keeper 
Orig Air Date  2004-06-18 
Synopsis  Noticing a change in little bro Danny since the accident in the lab, Jazz mistakes his ghost hunting for depression and signs him up for therapy with ... 
Title  Mystery Meat 
Orig Air Date  2004-04-03 
Synopsis  When one of Danny's friends convinces the school's cafeteria to change the menu to allvegetarian, it raises the ire of the Lunch Lady - a ghost who ta ... 
Title  One of a Kind 
Orig Air Date  2004-04-09 
Synopsis  Skulker, a predatory ghost hunting legend who fancies himself a collector of all things rare and unique, has set his sights on Danny Phantom, the worl ... 
Title  Parental Bonding 
Orig Air Date  2004-04-09 
Synopsis  Danny learns how to "overshadow" - take control of someone - and uses it to control his Dad during a parent-teacher conference. His plan backfires whe ... 
Title  Prisoners of Love 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Danny thinks he's going to cause his parents to split up when he knocks Jack's anniversary gift into the ghost zone. Desperate to retrieve it, he dive ... 
Title  Public Enemies 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Amity Park is thrown into chaos by the town's first mass invasion of ghosts. It's all part of a plan by the Ghost Zone's top Sheriff, Walker, to captu ... 
Title  Shades of Gray 
Orig Air Date  2004-09-24 
Synopsis  When ghosts destroy a student's life and popularity in school, she dedicates her life to
hunting ghosts. Now, Danny has to deal with a threat only a ... 
Title  Splitting Images 
Orig Air Date  2004-04-23 
Synopsis  After a series of humiliating run- ins with Dash (the school bully), Danny uses his powers
to get revenge. Unfortunately, this triggers the ghost of ... 
Title  Teacher of the Year 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Figuring out the best way to be both a high school freshman and a brand new super hero has always been a bit of a balancing act for Danny, but it's go ... 
Title  The Million-Dollar Ghost 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Vlad Masters' ghost portal explodes, he schemes to replace it by stealing Jack Fenton's portal. As a distraction, Vlad anonymously offers a milli ... 
Title  What You Want 
Orig Air Date  2004-04-30 
Synopsis  When Desiree - a ghost that can grant wishes - gives Tucker (Danny's best friend) ghost powers, Danny finds himself dealing with his friend's jealousy ... 

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