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Legend of White Fang: The Animated Series, The

A Charmed Life



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 Season:  Season 1
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To claim an inheritance, Wendy has to pass a test given by Harriet Doolitle, a famous tutor of young ladies. Harriet finds that Wendy has many skills, but proper "civilized" manners are not among them. White Fang is having problems of his own when he is captured by an Indian band that De Lazlo cheated out of their land. They believe the great wolf will bring them luck. Wendy ditches her tutor and sets out to free White Fang, but she is followed by a determined Harriet who learns that good manners are not necessarily needed in the wild. Wendy proves that she is not only savvy but is also generous when she turns the inheritance money over to the Indians who can now get their land back from an angry De Lazlo.



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