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This page lists and gives thanks to those who have helped in any way during the creation of this site.

  • Stacey Ouellette for everything she's done 
  • My beautiful cartoon library which is always growing 
  • Cartoon-O-Rama Jr. (old website) 
  • V.E. Galleries 
  • Television Cartoon Shows by Hal Erickson 
  • Hanna Barbera Cartoons by Michael Mallory 
  • The Throut and Neck page for the ravishing Becca Picture and logo 
  • The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons by Jeff Lenburg 
  • The Enchanted World of Rankin/ Bass by Rick Goldschmidt 
  • Rick Goldschmidt as himself 
  • Lawson Allen for the great footage and rarities we get in from him 
  • Roy MacEachern for the footage we get in from Canada 
  • Jerry Beck as himself 
  • Nelson Hughes as himself 
  • Mark Albright for his excellent show summaries 
  • The Neitherworld for providing our Popeye and Beetlejuice episode guides 
  • Jamie Waese for the Doodlebops episode guide. 
  • Stuart S. for our Sport Billy episode list! We have it first!! 
  • T.M. Kazaleh for help providing some great theme songs. 
  • http://8thman.com - Picture of Jerry Burke 
  • The Harveyville Fun Times for their Harvey series episode guides! 
  • Animation By Filmation by Swanigan & McNeil 
  • Chris Millar's great Spiral Zone episode guide! 
  • Toonopedia: A great site for information related to comics 
  • The old, but classic Yesterdayland site for some great show info. 

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