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because next year Toonarific will be closing and some of the information will be moving there.


It's easy to link to our site using one of the banners below. All you have to do is right-click your mouse and save the banner to your local hard drive. Then, upload it to your own website image directory, and insert the image code into your website. The code to add to your site would look like...

Of course, you would need to put the above code into the html of your website, replacing the yourdomain.com and directory with the address and subfolder on your website. The banners below are numbered 1 through 4 in the file name, so be sure to match the number of the one you save to the image script above.

We have a bunch of other banners we use on the site, but those are in flash and would take more of an explanation to integrate into your site. These 4 are easy to use, so we'll stick with them right now.


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In 1932, Disney released the Silly Symphony "Flowers & Trees", the first animated cartoon in Technicolor.