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There they go, and on the double, to the spot where there is trouble. Clue Club!
Woofer: Clue Club's on the scene.
Whimper: You better believe it boy.
Dotty does the big computin, checkin clues and trouble shootin'. Clue club!
Whimper: Clue Club, it's routine.
Woofer: You go in first Whimper.

One trap door and they go spillin', face to face, another villian. Clue Club!
Whimper: Clue Club just in time.
Woofer: We'll be safe in here boy.

No fun runnin' from a mummy, even though he is a dummy. Clue Club!
Whimper: Clue Club solves a crime.
Woofer: I knew it all the time.
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In 1991, Disney and Pixar announced a partnership that created favorites like Toy Story, Cars and Monsters Inc.