Everyone up
Everyone in
Time for the fun to begin
Come along with us to

Zoobilee Zoo
Zoobile Zoo
Magic and wonder are waiting for you
It's as close as a dream
And as bright as the brightest blue
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo

Let us introduce the Zoobles to you...

I'm Mayor Ben, I'm here to lend a helping hand
And I'm Builder Beaver - I invent things on command
There's daring and adventure when Lookout comes to call
And a kangaroo named Wassat who puts music to it all
I'm Van Gough the Lion, just color me fun
And you will shout, "Bravo" once the show has begun
Everyone spread the news.
There's so much to see and do
Just ask Talkatoo
When you're in Zoobilee...

Zoobilee Zoo
Zoobilee Zoo
Magic and wonder are waiting for you
So come on with us now
And discover the wonder of you.
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo
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