Arthur, the king of Camelot
He's the ringa-dinga-lingaist king

Arthur, he likes to joust alot
And he really makes the kingdom swing

Dragons, don't come out to fight
And the Black Knight hasn't a chance

If your in trouble,
Send the table
To the hero of the fable
It's the topper of Camelot

He took the sword from the stone, made a table round
Took the bravest knights, then he sat them around
Then all of Camelot knew they really had a king
Yeah, a king that would do darn near any old thing

Arthur, that's what the maidens call
Whenever they're lost or in distress
If you're locked up in a tower
He does recues on the hour
He's a ???, armor-plated, dragon-slayin' king
That's Arthur, Arthur
We know an Arthur
King of Camelot!

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