From now on, like your parents were, you are the secret force of Pole Position.

They're movin' real fast
They're the only ones who can get there on time
(Let's go Dan. Okay sis')

They're never too far behind, they're always fighting crime
(It's stunt time Dan)
(Ready when you are Rhodie)

On the curve or a face in adventure in the danger zone
Pretty soon they'll be off on a mission, come and watch them go!
(hydrofoil mode Rhodie) (Hydrofoil engaged Dan)

Pole Position!
What's behind this stunt show
(Wheels - Hovercraft, quick Anything you say Tess)
Pole Position!
What's behind this stunt show
Pole Position!
Only they're on the road
Pole Position!
Sit back and watch them go-oo-oh
Hey-O Hey-O Hey-O Hey-O Hey-O
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