Every one here loves story time our favorite time of the day,
When we gather round his great big chair and Papa beaver comes to stay.
He'll tell us an exciting tale our eyes begin to shine,
It's a special place a happy base Papa Beaver's story time.

His stories brighten our day,
We remember them for hours to come even when we're out to play.
Stories that can make us laugh and make our spirits climb,
Tell us just one more about a dinosaur as long as there's still time.

Dinosaurs have fun together. Picnics in the sunny weather.
Loads of fun then home at last. Stories that can warm your heart
And tell how friendships start.

Story time can be anywhere that Papa Beaver is found
Sitting underneath a big umbrella gathered all around.
Romantic weddings in the spring where love and sunlight shine,
It's a special place it's a happy base Papa Beaver's story time.
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On this day:

Jay Ward (1920-1989) is born.