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Hammerman! Hammer!
Hammerman! Hammer!

Whenever there's a crime
Some crooks are gonna do time
They all better beware
Cause the Hammerman will be there!

Here's how it started
A long time ago
The legend of the Hammer
And how it began to grow

He was given magical shoes
From a hip-hop motown dude
Together they had power
They stood up for what was right
But Gramps was gettin' old and
He couldnt keep up the fight (right)

So Gramps and his granddaughter
They went out on the road (searchin')
To find a man they knew who could jam
Who was worthy of the load

They met a guy named Stanley (Stanley)
Who was dancin' every night
He helped the kids play every day
His heart was out of sight

So Gramps opened up the bag
And took out the magical shoes
He set them on the ground
And they soon began to groove

The shoes knew at once
They had finally found their man
They hopped right on his feet
And he became Hammerman!
Hammerman! Hammer!
Hammerman! Hammer!
Hammerman! Hammer!
Hammerman! Hammer!
Oh Yeah!
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