(Grape Ape!) Over 40 feet high!
(Grape Ape!) Just a little bit shy!
(Grape Ape!) What a super-strong guy!
(Yup, that's me!) The Great Grape Ape!

(Grape Ape!) If he comes to your town,
(Grape Ape!) He will really put down
(Grape Ape!) Any bad guy around!
The Great Grape Ape!

What a sight to see him jogging, block after block!
Things begin to shake and quake and rattle and rock!
The big, big, big, big gorilililililililila!

(Grape Ape!) I do not reccommend
(Achoooo!) He is one to offend . . .
(Grape Ape!) So, be sure he's your friend!
(Better be sure!) The Great Grape Ape! (Yup, that's me!)
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On this day:

In 1964, Macho voice actor and TV star Patrick Warburton is born.