Skipper: We've got a brand new story
About the castaways

Ginger: We left our tiny island
After years and months and days

Professor: We built a little spaceship
It's crude, but it could fly

Lovey: We left for home and lost our way
Between the stars and sky

Thurston: We went from an Island to a star
Lost on Gilligan's Planet

Skipper: Gilligan and Skipper
The Millionaire, his wife

MaryAnn: The Professor, the movie star, and MaryAnn
Began a brand new life

Professor: What creatures we encounter?
What riddles do we face?

Lovey: What mysteries now haunt us in this strange, enchanting place?

Thurston: Our adventures are the best by far

Gilligan: Here on Gilligan's Star!

Everyone: Planet!!!

Gilligan: Oh yeah.
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