It's time again for those UPA cartoons!

And, here to introduce them, is your pint-sized host with the ten-gallon voice box: Gerald McBoing Boing.

Now, Gerald's that little boy who can't talk in words -- he goes "boing-boing" instead.
Say hello, Gerald.

Gerald: *boing-boing*

Thank you.
But though Gerald can't talk, he can make sounds. Listen:

(Gerald makes the sound of a door opening and closing)

Now it's time we enter the wonderful world of Gerald McBoing Boing -- the world where anything can happen.
For with the right sounds from Gerald, we can be...under the Big Top...

(Gerald makes sounds like a calliope)

...way out West...

(Gerald makes horse gallopping and gun shooting noises)

...or even in the middle of a musical mood.

(Gerald makes like a trumpet, a drum, then *aroogahs* like a car horn)

Anything can happen, for after all, this is the world of Gerald McBoing Boing!
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In 1911, The Sooptareen Arms, where The Dingbat Family lived, was demolished.