Hold onto your seat kids, here we go
The Fabulous Funnies
Like a brand new day, we're here again
Spreadin' sunshine to everyone
We've rounded up all our friends for you

Alley: I'm Alley Oop with a joke or two

The Fabulous Funnies

Abracadabra, Alakazam
Broomhilda can make you smile

Broomhilda: I know I can

Hi, I'm Nancy
And hi, I'm Sluggo
And there's lots of fun wherever we go

The Fabulous Funnies

I'm the Captain, and funny adventures are on the way
We're Hans and Fritz, and we're here to say
That we're all going to learn alot of important lessons today
On how to work and how to play

The Fabulous Funnies

So sit right back and put on your smiles
It's a beautiful day, come on and stay awhile

The Fabulous Funnies

Let's have a good time, what do you say

On the Fabulous Funnies!
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