Dink the Little Dinosaur

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Total Episodes : 21 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Amber's Crusade / Old Timers
Crusty's Baby / The Gentle Hunter
Dink, Come Home / White Beauty
Mystery of the Broken Claw / Encounter at Flatrock
Phantom of the Cave / Dry River
Raiders of the Lost Nest / Land of No Return
Shell Game / Shyler's Friend
Small Stuff / Lights Out
The Hollow Tree / Badge of Courage
The Sky Is Falling at Green Meadow / Sea Rescue
Tricera-Scat / Search
Uncle Longbeak / Surprise
Wish Mountain / Crusty's New Home
Total Episodes for Season 2: 8

Season 2
Challenge / The Secret
Crusty's Reunion / Tale of the Beast
Day of the Snake / Rivals
Overrun / The Last of Their Kind
Scat-ter Brained / Fraidy Scat
Scavenger / Tar Troubles
The Honeyfruit Hero / Tall Tale
The Reluctant Head-Banger / Wrongs of Spring

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