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Deputy Dawg

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Total Episodes : 101 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 101

Season 1
Aig Plant
All Tuckered Out
Bad Luck Day
Beaver Battle
Big Chief No Treaty
Catfish Crisis
Champion Whooper Teller
Chicken Bull
Corn Cribber
Corn Pone Limited
Cotton-Pickin' Picnic
Daddy Frog Legs
Dagnabit, Rabbit
Deputy Dawg's Nephew
Diamonds in the Rough
Dog-Gone Catfish
Double-Barreled Boom Boom
Dragon My Foot
Dry Spell
Echo Park
Elusive Louie
Feud for Thought
Friend Fox
Go Go Gor-rilla
Grandpa Law
Heat Wave
Henhous Hassle
Herman the Hermit
Hex Marks the Spot
Honey Tree
How Biz Whiz
Imperfect Crime
Just Ghost to Show You
Kin Folk
Law and Disorder
Lawman to the Rescue
Li'l Whooper
Little Red Fool House
Long Island Duckling
Low Man Lawman
Lynx th' Jinx
Mama Magnolia's Pecan Pies
Millionaire Deputy
Mountain Melvin Meets Hairy Harry
Mr. Moose
Mule-Itary Maneuvers
Museum of th' South
National Lazy Day
National Spoof Day
Nobody's Ghoul
Noise Annoys
Obnoxious Obie
Oil Tycoons
On the Lam with Ham
Open Wide
Orbit a Little Bit
Peach Pluckin' Kangaroo
Peanut Pilferer
Penguin Panic
People's Choice
Physical Fatness
Pinch Hittin' for a Pigeon
Protestin' Pilot
Rabid Rebel
Rebel Trouble
Royal Southern Dismounted Police
Safe an' Insane 4th
Save Ol' Piney
Scare Cure
Science Friction
Seize You Later, Alligator
Ship Aha Ha
Shotgun Shambles
Something to Crow About
Space Invitation
Space Varmit
Spare That Tree
Star for a Day
Stuck Duck
Tennessee Walkin' Horse
Tents Moments
Terrific Traffic
Th' Catfish Poachin' Pelican
Th' Two Inch Inchworm
The Bird Burglar
The Fragrant Vagrant
The Governor's Guide
The Great Train Robbery
The Hungry Astronut
The Milkweed from Space
The Never Glades
The Pig Rustler
The Pink Flamingo
The Poster Caper
The Yoke's On You
Tourist Tirade
Watermelon Watcher
Welcome Mischa Mouse
Where There's Smoke
You're Fired an' I'm Fired


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In 1914, Harold Knerr replaced creator Rudolph Dirks on The Katzenjammer Kids.