Defenders of the Earth

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Total Episodes : 65 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 65

Season 1
100 Proof Highway
A Demon In His Pocket
A House Divided
Audie The Tweak
Bits And Chips
Cold War
Deal With The Devil
Diamonds Are Ming's Best Friends
Doorways Into Darkness
Dracula's Potion
Drowning World
Escape From Mongo
Family Reunion
Flash Times Four
Flesh And Blood
Fury Of The Deep
Kshin And The Ghost Ship
Like Father, Like Daughter
Lothar's Homecoming
Ming Winter
Ming's Household Help
Ming's Thunder Lizards
One Of The Guys
Prince Triumphant
Return Of The Sky Band
Rick Gordon, One Man Army
Street Smarts
Suspended Sabotage
Terror In Time
The Adoption Of Kshin
The Book Of Mysteries
The Call Of The Eternals
The Carnival Of Dr. Kalihari
The Creation Of Monitor
The Deadliest Battle
The Defense Never Rests
The Evil Of Doctor Dark
The Frozen Heart
The Future Comes But Once
The Ghost Walks Again
The Gods Awake
The Golden Queen, Part 1
The Golden Queen, Part 2
The Hall Of Wisdom
The Lost Jewels Of Tibet
The Men Of Frost
The Mind Warrior, Part II
The Mind Warriors
The Mystery Of The Book
The Necklace Of Oros
The Panther Peril
The Prince Is Dethroned
The Prince Makes His Move
The Prince Weds
The Prince's Royal Hunt
The Return Of Doctor Dark
The Revenge Of Astra
The Rites Of Zesnan
The Root Of Evil
The Sleeper Awakers
The Starboy
The Time Freezer
The Would Be Defender
Torn Space

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