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Total Episodes : 13 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Bad Manners / The Magic Trick / The Beauty Within
Extra! Extra! / Magnetism / Treasure Hunt
Ice and Cool / The Forgotten Memory / Big Trouble
Operation Santa Claus /
Pyramid Scheme / Dreams in the Sky / It's About Time
Scent of a Wolli / Weather or Not / Potential Disaster
Snow Daze /
Star Gazing / Me, Myself and Island / Bad Hair Day
Sweet Lily / Double Doco / The Piano
The Big Race / A Gift for Rosariki / The Telegraph
The Sweetness of Honey / The Lucky One / Pollution Solution
What a Chore / Promises / Movie Madness
Woe is Wolli / Scary Stories / A Hair Scare

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In 1906, The Kin-Der-Kids came to the end of its very brief run.