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Total Episodes : 32 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 32

Season 1
A Battle Down Memory Lane
A Lesson Earned is a Lesson Learned
A New Friend
A Royal Pain
A Stand in the Sand
Battling with Style
Been There, Done That
Bots Will Be Bots
Brits, Bots, and Betty
Dazed and Kamfused
Doctor Bridget Explains it All
Enter Ginzan
Fight or Get off the Bot
Fire and Ice
Friend or Foe
Goon With the Wind
Hybrid Match
Loose As A Caboose
Maelstrom's Madness
Maybe the Grass Ain't Greener
My Thumb
Robot Round Up
Step One
The Battle for Ryugu
The Dream Begins
The Enemy Within
The Many Robots Spoil the Broth
The Mystery of Team X
This Is No I in Team
Training Battle
Two Bots or Not Two Bots


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In 1966, cartoonist Russell Westover died.