Edgar & Ellen

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Total Episodes : 24 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 24

Season 1
Art for Art's Sake/ The Game's Afootie/ Heimertz's Family Album: His First Accordion
Bon Voyage, Stephanie / Prankly Speaking / The All-Knowing Head of Poe: Star Crazy
Commander in Stripes/ Ellen vs. Slug/ The All-Knowing Head of Poe: Excellent Question
Condemned / Bolty, The Friendly Robot / Ellen's Horrorscopes: Them Bones
Grownups Behaving Badly / The Eyes Have It / The Secret Life of Pet: Alien Abduction
It Came from the Sub-Basement / Beast of Show / Edgar's Satchel: Getting Antsy
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist / Long-Term Parking / Ellen's Horrorscopes: The New Look
Little Stephanie Nightingale / Off the Deep End / Edgar's Satchel: Melon-Go-Round
Nod's Limbs Finest / Nuggets of Stupidity / The Secret Life of Pet: Hang Tendril
Parents' Night / Pet in Love / The All-Knowing Head of Poe: Sweet on You
Picture Imperfect/ Pasta Their Prime/ Nod's Public Access: Stephanie's
Pranker's Block / The Barracuda Whisperer / The Secret Life of Pet: Dogfight
Prankster Wannabe / Satchel Bandits / Edgar's Satchel: Lepre-Conned
Rare Birds Fiends / Prank Insurance / The All Knowing Head of Poe: Sisters
Scam Artist Shuffle / Bob's Limbs / The Secret Life of Pet: Trip to Atlantis
Signed, Sealed, Delivered / Study Time / Edgar's Satchel: Buzz Off
Suspect Inspection / Radio Free Nod's Limbs / Nod's Limbs' Public Access: Edgar's House of Whatcha
The Amazing Edgarini / Wax Removal / The Secret Life of Pet: Hard-Boiled
The Manners Marathon / Ellen's Secret Admirer / Ellen's Horrorscopes: Thanks for Muffin
To the Moon / A Midsummer's Nightmare / Heimertz's Family Album: The Mustache
Trickery Dickery Clock/ Dr. Edgar and Dr. Ellen/ The Secret Life of Pet: Viva Pet!
Twinvasion / Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty / Ellen's Horrorscopes: The Feet of Fate
Viva La Trash / The Expert / Heimertz's Family Album: Something's Fishy
When You Wish Upon a Well / Baby Talk / Nod's Limbs' Public Address: Pet-o-Matic

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