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Crayon Shin-chan

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Total Episodes : 60 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 60

Season 1
A Dad Free Night
A Visit from Grandpa
An Errand to the Post Office
Cosmo The Germinator
Dad Breaks A Promise
Dad Goes Jogging
Dad Has A Breakdown
Dopes at the Slopes
Driving with Mom
Fun at the Ski Lodge
Fun With Balloons
Fun With Food
Going to a Haunted House
I Clean Up
I Climb A Mountain
I Found A Wallet
I Get My Own Room
I Get Recycled
I Go Skiing
I Go to Girl-Zoo
I Go To The City
I Go To The Hospital
I Hit A Homer
I Make a Man Outa Max
I Meet a Hishi
Leaf Me Alone
Lucky Gets Lucky
Me And The Cartoon Guy
Me Want Cookie
Mom Goes on Strike
Mom Killed The TV
Mom Runs Away From Home
Mom Takes a Driving Lesson
Mom Wants an Air Conditioner
Mom Wants to Drive
My Date With Miss Uma
PJ Party with Miss Dori
Play Ball Part 1
Play Ball Part 2
Playing Around With Dad
Playing House
Smarty Pants Marti
Survival of the Fattest
The Late Great Me
Vacation Fun
We Go On Vacation
We're Getting A Divorce


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