Tak and the Power of Juju

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Total Episodes : 25 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 20

Season 1
A Shaman's Shaman / The Gift
Bad Medicine / Beautiful Girls
Ball Boy / The Lost Boys
Ball of Wax / Testing Jibolba
Big Boss Brawl / Our Favorite Juju
Girls Only / Secession
Great Juju Impersonator / Boom! Bang! Boom!
Joy Ride / Step Juju
Love Hurts / Frien-e-mies
Mofather / Big Love
Nice Calves / Double Tak
Pugnacious No More / Little Chief
Sheep Dip / Slog the Babysitter
The Beast / To Zaria With Love
The Littlest Gratch / Lok the Offender
The Three Chiefs / The Party
This Bites / Chief?
Tikis of War / Hairy Zaria
Woodiefest / Loser
Zaria's in Charge / Bad Luck's Back
Total Episodes for Season 2: 5

Season 2
Break This / Pack of Apes
Destiny Schmestiny
Feathers / Sans Sherriff
Giant Chief / Shrink A Dink
New Pet / Tak's Monster

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