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Colonel Bleep

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Total Episodes : 28 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 28

Season 1
A Windy Knight
Arrival on Earth
Ball Of Fire
Fire Water
Fire Water
Ice Demons Attack
Knight Of Death
Scratch And His Feathered Friend
Space Station X-1
The Bat And The Bottle
The Evil Eye
The Falling Star
The Firebomb
The Hypnotic Helmets
The Killer Whale
The Lunar Luger
The Magnetic Menace
The Pirate Plot
The Relentless Rain
The Runaway Rocket
The Rusty Robots
The Treacherous Pirate
The Treacherous Trio
The Treacherous Trio
The Wicked Web
Tunnel In Space
Tunnel of Space
War In Robotland


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