Gerald McBoing Boing

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Total Episodes : 35 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 35

Season 1
Art, glass, and the deep dark jungle
Baby Sister, Chalk and King Gerald
Book Clubs, Broccoli, and the Mighty Ding Dong
Burp, Crybaby blues, and the Return of Scritchy McBeard
Camping, Watchdogs, and Janinerella
Carnivals, phones, and sneezing dragons
Cars, Bees, and Magic Puppies
Cheese, Birds, and Cave Kids
Cuckoos and Pirates
Doctor, Pigeons and McShakespeare
Dog Tricks, Spare Change and the Lost Snowmen
Fairs, Mimes and Dragons
Ghosts, owls, and an evil witch
Good Deeds, librarians, and aliens
Haircuts, Opera, and the Albino Alligator
Hardware, Hair and Hairy Weather
Hide-N-Seek, Escapes, and The Beanstalk
Hopscotch, Hugs and Hunchbacks
Hot rod, elevators, and Genie Meanie
Lost Dog, Horses and Monsters
Loud, Drive-Thru and Ben Hur
Mini-golf, checkers, and Bad Manners
Monkeys, Wrestling, and the World's Greatest Super Spy
Monsters, Snowblowers and Planet Bedtime
Museum, coyotes, and a race around the world
Parades, Honking and Mumbling Mummies
Photos, Radio and Knights
Popcorn, Shadows, and 20,000 Boings Under the Sea
Sleepover, Chalkboard and Trojan Cow
Stings, Beeps and Pings
Swings, Cans and the Flying Ace
The dentist, the sheep and the two anniversary gifts
Thin ice, squeaky shoes, and Leprechauns
Tornado, Chicken and Circus
Videos, cats, and superheroes

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