Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

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Total Episodes : 35 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Bowling for Bear
Day of the Groundhog
French Dip
Natural Born Koalas
Night of the Gorilla
Pet Food
Remembrance of Trunks Past
The Big Stink
The Bull Market
The Gator Gal
The Hounds of D'Urbervilles
The Parrot Who Knew Too Much
The Reindeer Hunter
Total Episodes for Season 2: 13

Season 2
Bad Hare Day
Bald Courage
Dragon Guy
Have Mask, Will Travel
Howl of the Weremoose
Robo West
Salmon Rush Hour
Snow Job
The Golden Kitten
The Milky Way
The Search for Spike
Thunderballrighty Then
Total Episodes for Season 3: 9

Season 3
Ace in Space
Ace in Time
Ace Off
Beware the Fly
Bird Is the Word
Dino Mite
Get Piggy
Shell Shock
Witch's Brew

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