Johnny Test

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Total Episodes : 36 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Deep Sea Johnny / Johnny & the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack
Dog Days of Johnny / Johnny's Pink Plague
Johnny and the Ice Pigs / Johnny's House of Horrors
Johnny and the Mega Roboticles / Johnny Gets Mooned
Johnny Dodgeball / Johnny And The Attack Of The Monster Truck
Johnny Hollywood / Johnny's Turbo Time Rewinder
Johnny Test: Party Monster / Johnny Test: Extreme
Johnny To The Center Of The Earth / Johnny X
Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy / Johnny Impossible
Johnny vs. Brain Freezer / Johnny's Big Snow Job
Johnny's Extreme Game Controller / Li'l Johnny
Johnny's Super Smartypants / Take Your Johnny to Work Day
Return of Johnny X / Sonic Johnny
Total Episodes for Season 2: 13

Season 2
00-Johnny / Johnny Of The Jungle
101 Johnnies / Johnny Zombie Tea Party
Downhill Johnny / Johnny Meets The Pork-Ness Monster
Hoist The Johnny Roger / Johnny's Turbo Toy Force
Johnny Test In Black & White / Johnny The Kid
Johnny vs. Bling Bling 2 / Johnny's Got A Brand New Dad
Johnny vs. Smash Badger 3 / Johnny Bee Good
Johnny X Strikes Back / Johnny vs. Super Soaking Cyborgs
Johnny's Pet Day / Phat Johnny
Johnnyland / Saturday Night's Alright For Johnny
JTV / Johnny Mint Chip
The Good, The Bad, And The Johnny / Rock-A-Bye Johnny
The Revenge Of Johnny X / The Enchanted Land Of Johnnia
Total Episodes for Season 3: 10

Season 3
Coming To A Johnny Near You / When Johnny Comes Marching
Here Johnny, Here Boy / Johnny Applesauce
Johnny Fu / Johnny Escape From Bling Bling Island
Johnny Long Legs / Johnny Test In Outer Space
Johnny Test: Monster Starter / Johnny Holiday
Johnny vs. Bling Bling 3 / Stinkin' Johnny
Johnny X And The Attack Of The Snowmen / Johnny vs. Dukey
Johnny'mon / Bath Time For Johnny
Johnny's Monkey Business / Johnny Bench
Johnnyitis / Johnny Mustache

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