Camp Lazlo

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Total Episodes : 47 

Total Episodes for Season 1: 13

Season 1
Beans and Pranks / Movie Night
Camper All Pull Pants Down / The Big Cheese
Dosey Doe / Prodigious Clamus
Gone Fishin' (Sort Of) / Beans are From Mars
Lights Out / Swimming Buddy
Parasitic Pal / It's No Picnic
Prickly Pining Dining / Camp Kidney Stinks
Slugfest / Beans and Weenies
Snake Eyes / Racing Slicks
The Nothing Club / Loogie Llama
The Weakest Link / Lumpy Treasure
The Wig of Why / Float Trippers
Tree Hugger / Marshmallow Jones
Total Episodes for Season 2: 13

Season 2
Burpless Bean / Slap Happy
Camp Samson / Beany Weenies
Hallobeanies / Meatman
Handy Helper / Love Sick
Hello Dolly / Over Cooked Beans
Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp
I've Never Bean in a Sub / The Great Snipe Hunt
Mascot Madness / Tomato Paste
No Beads, No Business / Miss Fru Fru
Parent's Day / Club Kidney-Ki
Snow Beans / Irreconcilable Dungferences
The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain / Dead Bean Drop
There's No Place Like Gnome / Hot Spring Fever
Total Episodes for Season 3: 13

Season 3
7 Deadly Sandwiches
Bear-l-y a Vacation / Radio Free Edward
Lazlo Loves Parade / Are You There S.M.I.T.S.? It's me Samson
Scoop of the Century / Boxing Edward
Spacemates / Temper Teepee
Squirrel Seats / Creepy Crawly Campy
Sweet Dreams Baby / Dirt Nappers
The Bean Tree / Taking Care of Gretchen
The Big Weigh In / Hard Days Samson
Tusk Wizard / Squirrel Scout Slinkman
Valentine's Day/A Job Well Dung
Waiting For Edward/ Beans in Toyland
Where's Clam / Bowling for Dinosaurs
Total Episodes for Season 4: 8

Season 4
Award to the Wise / Cave Chatter
Dungs in Candyland / Tour Wars
Ed's Benedict / The Book of Slinkman
Hold It Lazlo / Being Edward
Lazlo's First Crush / Livin' La Vida Lumpus
Lumpus vs. the Volcano / Nursemaster
Never Bean on the Map / Harold and Raj
Strange Trout from Outer Space / Cheese Orbs

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